Opened to clients in 1906, Rubino is one of the oldest establishments in Valletta. Originally a confectionery and run by Vincenzo Rubino from Palermo, Sicily, it soon became a Valletta landmark.

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After changing ownership a couple of times over the years, in the late nineteen nineties the establishment was converted into a restaurant. In 2008, brothers Karl and Michael Diacono took over the restaurant and slowly started to infuse their knowledge and expertise to create something rather unique. Michael is today highly respected as a chef who owns and runs Giuseppi's Restaurant in Mellieha as chef patron.


The Diacono family is somewhat synonymous with food. Grandfather Charles Wirth, a banker by profession, had a passion for good food, not to mention  for having a good time too. He involved himself in the opening of catering establishments in Valletta and Buskett. Needless to say that this love for good food, inherently rubbed onto his daughters Rita and Therese who in turn did not miss the opportunity to do the same with their children. Rita, with the occasional help of her eleven children prepared an average of 14,235 meals a year just to feed her family in what was a very large kitchen by today’s standard.

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Being raised surrounded by the aromas of baking and roasting it is no wonder that all of the siblings were influenced into becoming good cooks in their own right.  This love for good food has moved on to the next generation, with Edward being ever present in the kitchen putting his own personal stamp on traditional and new dishes.


It is not uncommon to find three generations of the family on any one night in the restaurant,  as grandmother Rita still pops in once in a while to give a few tips and leave her signature on her sons’ and nephews' culinary creations.

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